Solar Energy Products

Solar Energy Products

Turn your home into a self sufficient solar solution.

We create solar energy products that help home owners, business owners, schools and communities harness the sun’s energy and replace their electric bill with a personal investment.

Are you ready to take your power back? 

Our solar panel installation experts are unlike any other. They are true crafters and builders that provide knowledge and know-how when crafting your solar panel system.

These solar panels systems won’t just work well, they look the part too. Our team creates beautiful designs in the optimal areas on your home.

Our energy efficient products and solar panels are made in the USA. We’re proud to provide the best materials made right here at home. 

Need a listening ear? Call us at 727-378-1361 with any questions about your solar panels or products. We’ll respond within 1 business day.

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Photovoltaic solar panel systems

We offer solar panels for sale made right here in the USA. Our solar panels use Photovoltaic (PV) cells to convert sunlight into energy for your building, school, or home. Sunlights reacts with the panel to create an electrical field across the layers of silicone. That energy is stored in cell. That cell provides electricity to your home.

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Solar hot water heaters

Solar thermal water heating uses the sun’s energy to heat your water. By passing water through the black panels on your roof, the sun’s energy heats the water. This gives you access to hot water when you turn on the tap. The system cycles through water to make sure it’s always fresh. It can even turn itself off at night to conserve evergy. 

blown in insulation | solar energy products

Open Cell Foam Insultation

Open cell foam insulation helps keep your energy in and heat out. It can also provide addition structural support that can strengthen your roof. This custom foam insulation can help prevent lift from hurricanes, heat soak from the sun, and provide structural support for your roof. This is a must have for energy efficient homes. 


Variable Speed Pool Pumps

Keep your pool water clean with our variable speed pool pumps. Circulating the water through your pool keeps debris and hair out of the pool water by catching it as the water is cycled. We’ll help you set up your variable speed pool pump schedule for the cleanest pool water, so your pool is ready when you are.

Hybrid Water Heaters

Hybrid water heaters are your source of instant hot water. These systems help heat the water through solar power but switch to electric water heating during high demand times. That means your home has hot water when it’s needed no matter what level of power your system has.


Efficient water heaters with aquatic smart timers

Having an extremely efficient water heater will help you save money through the smart use of your electricity. The higher the efficiency, the less energy it takes to heat your water. You can improve any water heater’s efficiency by pairing it with a aquatic smart timer that turns the system off during hours it’s not being used.


Efficient HVAC Systems

Cooling and heating can get really expensive really quickly, especially if your system isn’t using it’s power efficiently. That’s where the high-efficiency York HVAC systems come into play. These HVAC systems use their energy at the highest level of efficiency to provide top-notch cooling and heating at lower prices.


New HVAC Ductwork

No matter how good your HVAC system is, old ductwork can make your system inefficient and expensive. We know how to run HVAC ductwork to create the most efficient system for your building or home. Minimize the amount of energy your building takes to keep cool with new ductwork for your HVAC system.


Solar Pool Heaters

Ditch your old gas or propane pool water heater for a renewable solar pool water heater. These solar pool heaters work just like classic pool heaters, but harness the power of the sun and electricity to heat the water. Keep your pool water nice and warm with an efficient solar electric water heater.

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Find out how solar products can help you say goodbye to your electric bill.

Schedule your FREE QUOTE to see what solar power can do for your home. Our no cost, no obligation quote runs you through your energy usage, and what kind of system solar powered system can suit your needs. From energy to efficiency, you can revolutionize the way you get power.

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